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*Stuff You Missed in Sunday School began in 2016, creating informative, easily digestible tidbits about Mormonism. *Stuff you never learned in church.

The formula is simple. In a religion that is saturated with commentary and opinion, we simply offer factual information, in a sharable card format. This isn’t anti-Mormon, it’s Mormonism without the makeup. Unfiltered and uncorrelated.

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Listen to our presentation at the 2018 Sunstone conference.

Session 162. The Memeing of Mormonism: ‘Stuff You Missed in Sunday School’

Nice things people say about us:

“This is pure hate you spread!!! Repent, lest he be damned to hail! I dust my flip flops off in your general direction! 😜” —J. S.

“Your posts are the best. Seriously. The memes are shareable, and you back them up with sources, quotes, and links. Super useful when people try to say “that was never taught.”  —T. C.

“Thank you for your steady research and hard work. You’ve taught me a lot that I never would have found on my own. I am full of gratitude for this page.” —J. T.

“Like always great work. I think your website, memes and activism is some of the best in the exmormon community”  —A. G.

“Well holy crap.” —J. U.

“When I first began to doubt, these comparisons blew me away. To me they were irrefutable proof that the Book of Mormon was a fraud and a copycat. I showed them to my spouse and family members and they completely shrugged it off. Unbelievable! Thanks!” —G. S.

“I appreciate you u/missedinsunday ! I always enjoy your posts.” —G. L.

“Goddamn I love your stuff, u/missedinsunday.” —D. X.

“Thanks for the meme. You always come through.” —Z. J.

“I just had my faith crisis about 2 1/2 months ago and I’ve done tons of reading (CES Letter, Letter For My Wife, Church Essays, etc) and I just stumbled upon your website. It’s perfect! Not only do you provide everything in it’s own context, without comment or judgement, but the memes are super easy ways to get a huge issue brought up. It’s brilliant! Thank you and keep up the good work!” —D. S.

“Thank you for your research. I’ve heard of 19th century influences in the BofM but had no examples. Cheers!” —T. N.

“Thank you. I’ve read through your site. I plan to show it to my husband one day. I love the fact you let the evidence speak for itself. So simple and clear.” —P. W. D.

“Love these! Keep it coming this conference weekend!” —W. S.

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